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How do you become a Best Employer?

Posted by Jemma Fastnedge on Oct 10, 2016 2:58:00 PM


Every year the ‘Best Employer’ lists get published. These are the companies where the best talent wants to go and work. They’ve got great cultures, perks, generous leave schemes and other benefits that you haven’t even contemplated.

It can seem daunting but becoming a Best Employer is a journey and one you can kick start pretty easily internally by starting with recognition.

Recognition is one of the quickest ways to influence your employee engagement score. These days best practice recognition programs are driven by peer led recognition.

It’s super easy to kickstart a peer led recognition culture. Just introduce these two awards into a Redii recognition program.

Everyday WIN

Let your people nominate each other for the day to day wins and build a culture of everyday recognition. This is about recognising people for the journey and bringing examples of your company values to life.

Extraordinary WIN

Having an ‘extraordinary win’ award allows your people to start seeing  what looks good at what looks great around here. Extraordinary work is about clearly defining the impact or outcome of the individual’s achievements.


And best of all, you get full visibility of all the moments of recognition as they happen on the recognition wall. This is a tangible representation of your culture that will help you remain connected to your people as your business grows and changes.

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